Geassi (summer in Sami)

June-August and the fifth season. The sun is shining and nature comes to life. There is salmon fishing in rivers and seas. The reindeer are on summer grazing down by the coast where the insect infestation is less. The end of July and the beginning of August is normally the warmest time and temperatures of +30 degrees Celsius are not uncommon.

In early August, the Days of the Church are held. Then the municipality is filled with visitors, and in kirkenes center you will find sales stalls, concerts, exhibitions and party-goers.

At St.George's Chapel in Neiden on the third weekend of August, the service is held by the Finnish Orthodox Church. Water wedding ceremony is an important part of the annual fair. According to tradition, Holy Trifon blessed the waters of the Neiden River. For the believers, the water is considered sacred, cleansing and healing.