Salmon fishing festival in Neiden 9 July

On Saturday 9 July 2022, the salmon fishing festival will be held in Neiden. There will be a fishing competition with nice prizes and in addition many other activities.

Competition classes: Fly zone, Beach zone, Boat zone, Youth class (under 18 years)
Fishing time: 11: 00-16: 30
Registration for all classes: by phone +47 95 27 73 35
Thursday 7 July at 17.00-20.00
Friday, July 8 at 12.00-15.00
Beach and boat zone, as well as youth class can also sign up
to the secretariat at Café and Pub 8 on Saturday 9 July at 09.00-10.30
Participants under the age of 18 must wear life jackets in the beach zone
Everyone should wear a vest in the boat zone

Starting fee: Fly, beach / boat zone: NOK 400 /
Youth under 18: Free. Only cash payment in NKR and Euro
Valid fishing insurance fee must be presented before payment
Fly zone: Preference for women for 3 places
Mandatory attendance for drawing a location in the Fly Zone
Friday at 18.00 at Café and Pub 8
Salmon tipping: Everyone can bet on the biggest salmon! Done at Café and
pub 8 Friday / Saturday before the competition starts. Kr 10, -
Prizes: Prizes: NOK 2000/1000, and nap in Hiking Trophies: Joint and Ladies
For most and largest salmon in all classes
Weighing and counting at Café and pub 8 from 16.30
Prize giving at Café and Pub 8 on Saturday 9 July from 18.00
Concert with Beddari Nilsen after prize giving, free admission
Café & pub 8 open from 09:00 to 00:00
Splicing of ropes and bath glue making at 12-14
Hjerte / Laksemarsj på Folkestien- start fra Stormælen gapahuk

Starting fee: adults NOK 100, children free. diploma
Sale of salmon soup NOK 80. Lottery sales.
Market at Neiden Fjellstue 11: 00-16: 00
Market tent with stalls, lottery and outdoor menu;
Grilled salmon, salmon soup and Fjellstua's patch steak
Ävvv Skolt Sami Museum open from 10.00-17.00
Free entrance.
Neiden Chapel and St. George's Chapel open
with guided tours from 11:00 to 15:00
Free entrance.

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